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Taster Throwing Experience - £45

Join Maisie The Touring Potter for a taster throwing experience.


Spend 1.5 hours bending, forming and sculpting this magical mud into 2 little hand thrown pots or bowls. The class will begin with a introduction to the ceramic process and informative demonstration. Next you will be shown how to prepare your clay before taking to the potters wheel.

Maisie will provide plenty of advice and guidance whilst you are working. The class is suitable for ages 10 years plus however all abilities are welcome. At the end of the session you will be able to choose from a selection of artisan glazes to have your pieces finished in.

The pots and bowls will be taken back to Dorset where they will be allowed to dry before firing them. The first firing is to 1000 degrees they will then be dipped into your chosen colour before being fired for a second time to 1250 degrees. This process could take up to 8 weeks. On the very rare occasion that your pot cracks or breaks at any stage I will make you a replacement. Aprons will be provided but you will want to wear clothes you don't mind getting a little messy. Short nails and long hair tied up is advised.

Tea, coffee and chocolate included.


Friday 25th August 12pm-1.30pm

Friday 25th August 2pm-3.30pm

Friday 25th August 4pm-5.30pm

Friday 25th August 6pm-7.30pm


Maisie - The Touring Potter

Please contact us to book your space!

throwing pottery workshop
Botanical Pottery

Botanical Pottery Workshop - £65

Get inspired by the beautiful setting at the Garden Room Crafts and in this botanical-themed pottery workshop!

In this workshop we will be using a variety of foraged leaves and flowers to create beautiful organic patterns. The focus will be on slab rolling, designing and pressing seasonal plants into the clay and then using hump moulds to form your slabs into dishes. We will also be making pinch pot bowls pressed around moulds and using leaf inlays to decorate. This is a very mindful and relaxed workshop suitable for beginners to more advanced makers. 

These pieces will be dried and fired at my studio and the oxide and glazes applied. Each person will make a matching bowl and plate set. These will be ready to collect in 4-weeks time at the Garden Room Crafts. I will have a selection of plants you can use but you are also advised to bring your own plants or leaves from your garden for more personalised designs! It is best to store fresh plants in sealed tupperwares in the fridge for freshness. 

Tea, coffee and chocolate included.


dates coming soon!


Rosie - Twig Ceramics

Please contact us to book your space!

Hand Building and Sculpting Clay Course - £180

Learn how to hand build in clay using a variety of hand building techniques. Sculpt to make a unique item for your home. Beginners or advanced students are welcome.

This 4 X session course covers the basic had building techniques so you can sculpt clay to make a variety of forms.  Work with clay as shown on the big pottery throw off. 

Learn how to make a pinch pot, coil clay, slab clay to sculpt shapes.  Decorate with coloured slips before the bisque firing. The option of a further transparent glaze can be applied to the form.

Week 1 - Wedging the clay making it suitable for use. Pinching it out to make a acorn shape or bird sculpture.

Week  2 - Learn to Coil clay evenly to make a sculptural pot shape of your choice.

Week  3 - Learn to slab clay to build an animal or abstract form. 

Week  4 - Finish making items consolidating your favourite making skill. Decorate with colours on to the leather hard clay before the bisque firing. 

Each session is 3 hours and all material and tools are supplied. The cay will be dried bisque fired and the option of a transparent glaze. The pottery will be available for collection 4 weeks after the course. 

Tea, coffee and chocolate included.


dates coming soon


Melissa Ransom

Please contact us to book your space!

hand building and sculpting clay course
jesmonite workshop

Jesmonite Coaster Making Workshop - £45

Explore the wonders of Jesmonite, an eco-friendly material that sets within 30 minutes!


In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn to mix and cast Jesmonite using silicone moulds and experiment with different techniques to create something unique to you.

You will also sand and seal your lovely creations ready to take home!

All the materials you need to make a set of two coasters per person.

Tea, coffee and chocolate included.


Monday 24th  April 7pm-9pm


Helen - Wallace Studio

Please contact us to book your space!


Full payment is required upon booking.

You may request to cancel your booking for a full refund, up to 72 hours before the date and time of the event. Cancellations between 25-72 hours before the event may be transferred to a different date/time of a workshop. Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the event date/time may not receive a refund nor a transfer. When you book a space, you agree to these terms.

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